Fitted n=2 Perturbation Animations

Below are animations of the nine bright points with fitted outlines shown in Figure 4.3 of my thesis, with additional panels plotted for each.

The lower-left panel shows the weights applied to each pixel, ranging from 0 (black) to 1 (white). In both left-hand panels, the gray outline surrounds pixels with non-zero weight, and the white outline surrounds pixels with weights greater than 0.5.

The central panels isolate the centroid motion (top) and the evolution of the fitted outline (bottom). On the right, the "centroid in comoving frame" shows the centroid location after subtracting out the average motion of the centroid, and the lower-right panel repeats the upper-left panel but moves with the centroid.

The and buttons control playback, and the and buttons control the playback speed.

The and buttons allow frame-by-frame control, which can also be achieved with your arrow keys after clicking the slider.

These animations are also available as video files.