Calvin through the School Year

These images and videos were created by combining images saved from Calvin’s public webcams through one school year (specifically, August 15, 2013, through May 23, 2014). The saved images span this whole date range in half-hour increments with few gaps. The merged images and videos were created using software written for this specific purpose.

Each image fades from August on the left to May on the right. An image is chosen from each day, and stripes from these images, overlapping a few of their neighbors, are blended together. This blending means things like people, vans, tables, etc. don’t show up in the final images.

Each video takes a frame from each available day (which is almost every day between August and May) and shows them one after another.

Commons Lawn

2013 <———————— | ————————> 2014

This is Commons Lawn through the year. For each day, the image with highest total color saturation was used.

This shows Commons Lawn at noon through the school year. A few things to notice: (1) The trees sagging after the ice storm in December. (2) The building shadows creeping and suddenly jumping at the daylight savings time switch. (3) The tree on the left that bursts into flowers at the very end.

2013 <———————— | ————————> 2014

This is Commons Lawn at 7:30am every day of the year. Notice how, advancing from August 2013 on the left, it gets dark and then bright again with daylight savings time before growing dark for winter.

Nature Preserve

The nature preserve at noon each day. Notice how much the plants sag under the weight of the ice in December!

2013 <———————— | ————————> 2014

This is the nature preserve at noon each day.

Fine Arts Center

The FAC at noon each day. A few things to catch: (1) The tree in the center losing its leaves, sagging under the ice, and growing leaves again. (2) The overpass shadow at the bottom creeping and suddenly jumping at the daylight savings time switch. (3) The burst of traffic around the January Series.

2013 <———————— | ————————> 2014

This shows the FAC at noon each day.