Projects, Posters & Papers

Recent Work

PhD Dissertation
I’m not saying you should read the whole thing, but here it is.
“A Refined Model of Convectively Driven Flicker in Kepler Light Curves”
A paper on work I’ve done looking at the observational signal of stellar granulation, seen in low-amplitude, short-timescale variations in the star’s brightness. I’ve improved the ability of a physical model to predict this signal’s amplitude and pointed to where additional simulation work can further improve this model (or where the observations might provide constraints for those simulations). [arXiv, ADS, ApJ]
SHINE 2019 poster thumbnail
“Coronal Turbulence Driven from the Photosphere: Opportunities for DKIST”
My poster for SHINE 2019, describing past work and future plans and progress. An updated version of the SPD poster below.
“Preparing for DKIST: Connecting the High-Resolution Sun to the Turbulent Corona”
My poster for SPD/AAS 2019, describing past work and future plans and progress. [ADS]
“Investigating the Complex Motions of Photospheric Bright Points as a Lower Boundary Condition for Coronal Magnetism”
My AGU 2018 poster summarizing previous work and describing future plans. Abstract
Paper on Bright Point Tracking
My first paper! It’s on the same topic as the bright point poster listed next, but goes into more depth and includes an appendix discussing the difficulty of solidly defining how a bright point moves. [arXivADSApJ]
“Characterizing the Motion of Photospheric Bright Points at High Resolution”
I’m currently using simulations to characterize at high resolution the motion of magnetic bright points in the inter-granular lanes of the solar photosphere. These bright points are regions of strong, vertical magnetic flux, and they are buffeted about by the convective churning of the plasma. Their back-and-forth motion creates Alfvén waves in the magnetic field lines, carrying energy into the upper corona where it’s deposited as heat. [ADS]
“Investigating the Poleward Trend of Southern Dune Field Stabilization on Mars Using Thermophysical Observations”
I spent a year looking for evidence of water ice underneath Martian sand dunes that might be cementing the dunes in place. This poster was Abstract 2528 at LPSC 2016, and an earlier version was Abstract 8052 at the Fourth International Planetary Dunes Workshop.
“Refining Asteroid Collision Timescales”
Concluding my undergraduate research, I produced refined estimates of the timescales for asteroid collisions. This work was presented as a talk at the 2013 meeting of the Michigan Space Grant Consortium.
“Family Membership of Koronis Zone Asteroids”
We presented effective techniques and results for investigating asteroid families through multiple, disjoint data catalogs. This work was presented as a talk at the 2012 meeting of the Michigan Space Grant Consortium.
“Asteroid Collisions”
Marking my first undergraduate research project, I present progress and future plans regarding probabilities of collisions between asteroids. This poster was presented at the 2011 meeting of the Michigan Space Grant Consortium.
Sometimes maintaining a CV feels like a whole project in itself.

Non-Research Projects

Astronomy Publication Proximity Analyzer
APPA uses the ADS database to let you explore connections between authors. Type in two names and APPA will find the chains of coauthorship (person A published a paper with B, who wrote a paper with C…) connecting those two names.
Finn Stickers App
Gboard on Android lets you send stickers from the keyboard, and while it includes its own set of stickers, any app on the phone can provide more stickers through the keyboard. I made myself an app to do just that! It currently features two sticker packs, one featuring my friends’ dog Finn (the world’s best!), and another featuring my world-traveling cow puppet, Cowwy. Friends and family have given it a 5-star rating!
Finn Stickers on the Google Assistant
Those same stickers available in my Android app are also available through the Google Assistant. On any phone with the Assistant, say “OK Google, talk to Finn Stickers” to see Finn and Cowwy pictures on demand, no installation required!
Calvin Webcam Timelapse
I recorded a year’s worth of images from the pubic webcams surveying my undergrad campus and had some fun making composite images and timelapses.