Earth Mover’s Distance in Python

I was exploring the Earth mover’s distance and did some head-scratching on the OpenCV v3  implementation in Python. Here’s some code to hopefully reduce head-scratching for others.  (Fun fact, OpenCV’s Python bindings are automatically generated, so Python documentation isn’t guaranteed. While I found a little bit for the OpenCV 2 implementation, I couldn’t find any for the OpenCV 3 version.)

(View this post as a Jupyter notebook.)

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Dates in matplotlib

The other day I needed to make a plot with dates as the x-axis. Matplotlib supports this, but the examples I was finding weren’t quite as complete as I would have liked. So here’s what I put together as an example.

First, imports. Make sure to get the matplotlib.dates module.

In [1]:
import matplotlib.dates as mdates
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from datetime import datetime

We’ll want the date values in the form of datetime objects.

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